iLink Business Solutions have assisted in community upliftment in several different projects. As a team, we are committed in helping the community on an on-going basis.


Christian Praise Centre

ILink Business Solutions, for several years, has been contributing to the Christian Praise Centre on a regular basis.

This non-profit organization is committed to feeding destitute families, women and children of all races and beliefs. They offer a stable environment in which to heal, learn and re-enter society with confidence. With over two decades of experience, a great community network and the solid support of committed partners, Christian Praise Centre is growing from strength to strength and making a real impact in the lives of many!


Helen May School

Helen May School is situated in Mabapone. During the Christmas season, iLink Business Solutions gathered our staff and went to visit the underprivileged kids of this community. Stocked with loads of gifts and food, we enjoyed a day of singing, dancing and many many smiles. On an annual basis we seek out selected communities that we can assist in creating a happy and warm Christmas for children.


Entrepreneurial Funding

Recently we have introduced a funding initiative (see our GET FUNDED page) which targets entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business but lack funding and support. This project hopes to grow momentum in 2013 and see many young South African entrepreneurs enter the marketplace.


iLink Business Solutions has sponsored on several occasion to less privileged schools with copiers, toners, donations and office related equipment as part of our ‘giving back to the community’ commitment

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