BIZHUB C220                                                
           SPEED: COLOUR - 22ppm Mono - 22ppm        
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 mid volumecolour copiers Johannesburg
  • The ideal replacement for your current equipment. The bizhub C220 is a perfect choice for fast digital workflow -- with print/copy output at up to 22 pages per minute in both high-impact colour cost-efficient B&W.
  • Fast scanning to multiple destinations
            BIZHUB C280                                               
           SPEED: COLOUR - 28ppm Mono - 28ppm        
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 Bizhub mid volume colour copiers
  • Fast, Flexible Scanning.
  • Flawless Integration.
  • Colour Document Preview.
  • Environmentally Friendly Design.
  • Advanced Finishing Options
              BIZHUB C360                                                       SPEED: COLOUR - 28ppm Mono - 28ppm                 DOWNLOAD BIZHUB C360 brochure                     
 mid volume colour copier machines
  • High Speed Output.
  • Emperon Print System.
  • Universal Printer Driver.
  • Colour Thumbnail Preview.
  • Energy Saving Design.
                BIZHUB C452                                           
         SPEED: COLOUR - 45ppm Mono - 45ppm          
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 Johannesburg mid volume colour business machines
  • Sleek design with 360° styling, dark gray cabinet and  small footprint for placement anywhere in your office.
  • Standard controller, PCL6 and Postscript3 Emulation compatible, 600dpi x 1800dpi equivalent.