Together with our partnership to ICT Globe, we can offer 1st Tier Telecommunication and connectivity with the following offerings:

  •         Competitively priced upstream links including Fibre, Diginet, Voice DSL, VDSL, ADSL, Wireless Microwave, Wireless Grid Access and Broadband Satellite
  •         Tier 1 Voice Switching with our own Number Ranges
  •         Fully Restored Internet Bandwidth
  •         Data VPN’s
  •         Distribution throughout the entire Sub Saharan Africa of the very popular 3CX PBX
  •         Distribution of the top VOIP Gateway BeroNet into Africa
  •         Cloud Hosted Services in a dual Data Centre right next to Telkom’s NOC with direct peering with SAIX
  •         A full range of SLA’s on our products and services
  •         State of the Art Call Centre for Support and other customer interaction

To get more information on our connectivity and pricing, please contact our sales team or email us now!

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