We at iLink Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd are proud to be of service to you.


Over the years, we have honed our specialist services to specifically suit the Office Automation Rental Market and we believe truly that our commitment to Service Excellence, backed by a dynamic staff compliment plus specialist information technology, have made us a leader in today's competitive industry. 


Our documentation is simple in design and User Friendly.Whether you require billing on a monthly, quarterly, bi annual, annual or seasonal basis, we can assist. Annual Escalation's not exceeding 15 % (or linked to C.P.I.), De-escalation's or Deferred escalation's are available. Residuals or Skip Payments (E.g.. School Holidays) are accommodated. We facilitate upgrades and settlements. In fact there is little we cannot offer our clients, some of our rental options are listed below:



*             Straight Rental

                No escalation or increases on rental except prime increases


*             Escalating Rental

                Escalation tailored to the client's needs, can be linked to the rental;

                i.e. the higher the escalation, the lower the initial rental (cash-flow)


*             De-escalating Rental

                Client starts with initial higher rental that will decrease annually, improves

                the possibilities of upgrades.


*             Step Rental

                Whatever the client can afford to pay (to fit in with their budgets) with increases

                as soon as the new budget is applicable.

                Step rentals can also be escalating or non-escalating.


*             Copy-Plan

                The client pays per copy, which includes the rental portion as well as the service

                portion. (Only the rental portion is discounted and the service portion is paid

                to the supplier on a monthly basis as service is provided)


*             Skip Payments

                If the client experience difficulties over certain periods i.e. schools over school holidays,

                those months can be skipped and the rental can be calculated for the client to only

                pay the months they really use the machine.


*             "Free" Rentals

                Free rentals can be build into the deal (subject to approval from ourselves), i.e. in

                November, the client can be offered 3 free rental which means the first rental will only

                be due in February when business should be back to normal again after the holidays.


*             Quarterly / Annual payments

                If the client so desires, contracts for payments quarterly or annually in advance can be





We can prove to you that our facilities can often be a much better option (and even cheaper) than paying cash for equipment!

 Can have escalations Capital outlay up front reduces working capital
 VAT payable monthly VAT payable up front
 Interest calculated on cash price before VAT
Interest lost over period as cash paid up front,that could have enjoyed an interest return of it's own.
 100% tax deductible Deductible by depreciation via balance sheets annually
Operating expense in the income statement
Appears in the financial as an asset
No capex approval required Capex approval required for purchases of equipment
Not governed by budgets Governed by the company budgets
No deposit is necessary Capital outlay up front
Improves 'equity ratios', current ratios and return on asset ratios in financial ratio analysis
Has to be capitalized
Roftware installation and control cards can be included
Upgrade option available free of additional v a t on original equipment
Very little/no value is attached to trade-in "2nd hand " equipment after a period of +- 3 years & therefore capital would effectively be lost when new equipment is purchased; thus no return on capital would be recognized.
Rentals can be tailored to your individual needs - i.e. annual escalation in line with inflation, de-escalation etc, very flexible

We finance any office related equipment, so CONTACT US now to see how we can assist you



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